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"Brass Ring" is a fifteen chapter serial, in the style of an old-fashined radio serial to be added at the end of the Sacramento Area Musicians and Artists podcast.


A local Mafia boss wants to control the city council, putting the city under a iron fist like his grandfather did so many years ago. In order to do this, he has hidden three bombs though out the city. Knowing that he needs a distraction for the local super-heroes in order for this plot to succeed, he kills a telepathic private investigator which triggers his files (which contain secrets on almost every hero in the city). The local Heroes League is thus forced to send a sextet of new heroes into the field as they run to grab all of the files, who are opposed by mercenaries hired by Don Pellegrino.

Breakdown of Roles

This radio serial consists of three teenage boys, thirteen men, and seven women, for a total of 23 roles (excluding generic roles).


Oliver “Psidekick” Barret: Geeky 22-year old. Telekinetic with a basic ability to manipulate machines, and a master electronics engineer. Pretty much the definition of the local boy done good. Note: Two parts are available, a 12-yr old version and the older version.

Kaitlyn “Wraith” Reilly: The country girl who stands by her man, and isn't afraid to hit on the back of the head every so often. She has the Wraith suit, a powered armor suit that has invisibility, phasing, and teleportational capabilities, as well as the stand flight, energy blasts, and physical enhancements.

Drake “Blue Blur” Masters: Rich kid with a noblesse oblige issue. He's a speedster who is taking his romance slowly due to its political ramifications. He's like Bruce Wayne, but without most of the issues.

Major John “Flying Fortress” Smith: Military through and through, there is no question that he can deal with almost anything. A genetic construct with physical enhancements and energy blasts, he is also able to summon bags of cheese puffs due to a “lab accident”.

Pearl “Diva” Dallas: A black choir singer and soloist. Somewhat shy and wallflowerish when she can get away with it, but can rise to the occasion when people she love are threatened. A sonic-based heroine, she is capable of flight and sonic beams.

Kadoka “Neon Samurai” Miyamoto: Somewhat brash, Kadoka is not afraid to let anyone know what she is thinking. She has the ability to summon a neon blue suit of samurai armor and paired katana.

Rider: A take-charge bass opera singer; there is absolutely no doubt that she is Viking of some sort. Besides an axe that can cut through anything, she is also super-strong and capable of flight, as well as possessing immortality.

Imaga: The classic classy lady; she leads the Heroes League since its inception. Frosty, regal, and likes to cut to the chase. She's an illusionist, at least.


Randall “Randy”/Psiborg” Barret: Oliver's meaner older brother. Cyborg with resistance to psychic abilities. He's like Darth Vader, only more pragmatic. Note: Two roles available, a 15-yr old version and this older version.

Don Francis Pelligrino: The local mafia don. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get it done, and wants to control the city like his grandfather did before him. Not a nice guy.

Inline: An emotionally wounded thirteen-year-old boy, he tends to hero-worship of Psyborg. He lives for speed, and his skates allow him to go as fast as he wants, and on any surface, even water.

Horde: A merc, and proud of it. He likes combat, and making things horrible for his opponents. He is able to duplicate himself, each copy made of basalt.

Shriek: A muscleman with a whispery voice with just a touch of menace, he is a mercenary with sonic-based powers; he is capable of raw power as well as creating hallucinations of a target's worst nightmares.

Twid: A cocky Cockney, he likes advertising that he's a danger to be dealt with. He's not necessarily cruel, just very efficient. Besides being a dangerous combatant, he is also covered in tattoos that he can animate.

Mentalis: A telepathic private investigator. Likes to be a bit mysterious. His death triggers all of the heroes' problem.


Alberti: Alfred on steroids. A telepathic majordomo, he is the “gay uncle” of the Heroes League, able to find out almost anything on anyone quickly.

Harold Tramis: Drake's neurotic boyfriend. Acts as Drake's secretary, but Drake kids him about being his mother. Nice guy, and supports his lover in most ways. Understands the need for discretion, and it makes it his personal mission that Drake will not be outed.

Elanore Barret: The mother. Nice when not provoked, fearful when she is. She is the mother of a major villain and a blossoming hero, after all.

Father Degas: A Mexican priest and head of Diva's congregation.

Jiro Miyamoto: Kadoka's uncle; loves his niece, but is over-protective of her, especially when it comes to her relationships.

Narrator: A voice that announces things. Bombastic, but with no other real powers. I wouldn't mind an older feminine voice instead of the standard deep male voice.

Note: This does not include “extra voices”, such as generic heroes, made men, robbers, and other henchmen.

Compensation will be food and drink during the taping, as well as publicity experience. Payment will otherwise be deferred.

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