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Personally, if you want to see my design skills, I'd advise you to go to my comic's shop (Sakura Corp). That said, here's some of my logos and other stuff. Check out my "Lay-out" and "Sites" section as well.

The Sakura Corporation logo, for the corporation from my proposed webcomic. Done for a T-Shirt line I was debating.
An ad done for a local retirement community. Yes, old-school C and P. An ad done for a local mortuary. Yes, old-school C and P.
The webcomic has a prep school, too. You'll note the slight sharkiness of it (the Sakura Shark is the school mascot). Sweat shirt design and personal slogan. You learn so much from Disney cartoons... Rescue Rangers" for the curious).
The logo of the webcomic itself. This is on a pair of boxers. Had to have something to match the shirt!;-)
Okay, so I'm proud of this. The basic idea: A notebook that's half journal, half map. This is what resulted. Blame the Australian army...