Strip Poker


Strip Poker is a story about four friends and a deck of cards.

Clarice sends out some invitations for a CD release party with the wrong date on them. Steve, her boyfriend, helps her set up. Eventually, Margrette, her secretary, and Kelso, Steve's best friend show up, but no one else does. All four start playing cards while eating and drinking.

Margrette ends up winning everyone's money. Drunken, she suggests that they play strip poker. Kelso and Steve debate for a moment, then agree. Clarice insists on some way to protect her modesty, so they add Truth and Dare to the game as a way to avoid taking off clothes. The game takes on a life of its own. Steve and Clarice get into a fight about what happened on the trip they met, and Kelso gets sent through a drive-thru in his underwear as part of a dare. Steve and Clarice lose, and retire to their bedroom, debating if they are now ready for marriage. Kelso loses, but Margrette allows him a final dare.

In the morning, Margrette wakes up with a hangover next to Kelso. She leaves quickly. The couple comes out, makes fun of Kelso, and enjoy breakfast.

Note: All roles require at least partial nudity. Full-frontal is ideal.

Parts Available:
  • Steve, ex-jock, now office manager
  • Clarice, publicity person
  • Margrette, Clarice's multi-functional secretary
  • Kelsy, Steve's pet geek