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Every good site has some links; I figure I may as well as not buck the trend. Besides, if just one of these links makes your life easier, then it was worth it.


Cafe Press: Arguably the best merchandising on the web.
4 Imprint: When You need that something special.
99Dogs: A decent site, expanded clothing compared to CP, but slow.
Zazzle: Great for T-Shirts and some printables.


Craig's List: Really fun; go to your city before book-marking it!
Bravenet: One of the best counters on the net.
Google Adsense: A great generic system.
Top 100 Biz: Another interesting hit counter.
WebRing: For some serious webring action!

Web Design

Web Monkey: Arguably the greatest on-line coding reference!
phpbb Communities: A great forum open source code!
phpbbHacks: You've got a forum, now tweak it!


Sci-Fi Channel: Great for keeping up on all things sci-fic!
Film Arts Board: A decent site for movie-makers!
pOnju Forums: Great forum with a decent movie section.