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I run the Webcomics Reviews and Interviews podcast at TalkShoe. I figure that I should make it easier for people to join me there.
Webcomic Reviews and InterviewsOkay: First off, the podcast itself: Webcomic Reviews and Interviews (where I review webcomics, interview webcomic personalities, and occasionally talk about writing).
If I'm not recording, you can just download the latest podcast or listen to it via Streaming Audio. If I am recording, there are several ways to come in:
  • Just come on in. You can listen in and offer text messages, but you won't be able to talk.
  • Call in. You can listen in and possibly talk. Just please be nice; I may not be able to stop you then, but I can edit you out later.
  • Both. You can listen in, type in text messages, and possibly talk.
If you are dialing in, you need to dial +1-724-444-7444. When prompted, enter either "33290" and either "1" or your PID. Note that this is a long distance call (unless you live in Pennsylvania).
Also note that you can use a landline, mobile, or the various versions of VoIP. If you're using VoIP, bear in mind that sometimes, you just can't enter your information; it just happens. Just hang up and dial again; it's a known glitch.
Gizmo 5 can be accessed for free by using "talkshoe@".
If you really want, you can also use TalkShoe's software. You will need to install TalkShoe Pro ahead of time, but the software is free. You can download TalkShoe Pro here.
If you want to be personally invited to a show, or you think that you are interesting from a webcomics perspective and don't mind me interviewing you, feel free to e-mail me at
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