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The hardest part of any business is what to charge for services rendered. You'll invariably find that your price aren't quite right; they'll sometimes be too high because you lack the experience or product to back it up, or you'll underestimate the selling power of what you're selling and price it too low. So, let's start here. shall we?

Web Design
Base Price: $200 for a basic six-pager (who you are, what you do, a bit of a history, how to get a hold of you, where you are, and any other relevant details)

Graphic Design
Base Price: $20/hour (a basic newspaper ad takes about two hours; I can lay-out a 12-page paper in eight hours, providing all the ad design and basic graphics are already done)

Base Price: $.05/word (a standard page is about 250 words, or about $12.50 and an hour; however, I won't do your paper for you!)

CafePress Set-up
Base Price: $50 (basic storefront set-up)

Base Price: $2 per page

Script Writing
Base Price: $10 per page

Other Services
Base Price: $15 per hour; I can discuss alternate payment plans