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Jamais Jochim

5625 Sampson Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95824
(916) 842-4386

American River College (4 semesters); Journalism major.
Also, I have a certificate in graphic design, as well as a California Guard card.

Non-Computer Skills:

graphic design, writing (various formats), research, photography, directing film, videography, interviewing, organization, communication, telephones, 40 wpm, 10-key, well-read
Computer Skills:
Mac OS, Windows 3.x/95, Internet, HTML, PhotoShop, InDesign, PageMaker, Dreamweaver, QuickBooks, some Illustrator, FreeHand 3.1/8.0, and Strata Studio Pro, various word processors.
Note: I learn new software quickly. Also, this should not be considered a complete list of known software. If you have software that you require proficiency in, but is not listed, ask before assuming lack of proficiency.

Soroptomist Scholarship (1987), Butte County Academic Decathlon 1986 (Winning Team, MVP), Upward Bound Games Academic Decathlon 1984-87 (Winning Team 85-87, Team MVP 84-87), UBG Volleyball (#1, 1986), Butte County Spelling Bee (Runner-Up, 1985), Cub Scouts Jamboree 1977 (Best Pack Display)

writing, photography, graphic design, web design.

Summary of Relevant Work Experience:
Airborne Security May 2006 to current
security organization
dispatch, security

Supervisor: Cedric Young (394-2400)

Harte-Hanks (Pennysaver USA); Decemeber 2003 to April 2004
direct-mail advertising
ad design, updating ads, pagesetting

Supervisor: Linda Kerr (636-2200)

Home Mortgage of America; January 2003 to June 2003
real estate and loans
receptionist, ad design, pagesetting, basic trouble-shooting; in charge of putting together a monthly on-line magazine (see Samples page)

Supervisor: Larrisa Pica (676-1084)

Neasham Newspaper Group; March 2002 to September 2002
produces Gold River News, City Times, Fair Oaks Times
photo editting, databasing, pagesetting, some management

Supervisor: Stephen Baetge ((916) 425-2600)

ETM Casting; June 2000 to August 2001
Casting Agency
duties included copy for public relations, web design, photography

Supervisor: Wayne Eric ((916) 361-3443)

United Advertising Publishing; October 2000 to June 2001
Real estate magazine producer
photo editting, databasing, pagesetting

Supervisor: Diane Rose ((916) 635-1665 x2105)

ThermCraft Inc.; December 1999 to March 2000
Printer, specializing in business cards
duties included type-setting; making files press-ready; translating files from one program to another.

Supervisor: Tom Summer ((916) 383-3611)

Carmichael Times; March 1999 to December 1999
Small Local Paper
duties included re-writing; reporting; manual lay-out; graphic design; administrative; customer relations.

Supervisor: Shirley Turner ((916) 483-0946)

American River Current; August 1997 to September 2000
School newspaper
duties included reporter; photographer; advertising; lay-out; copy editting; web design; reviews; maintenance of contacts.

Supervisor: Various ((916) 484-8304)


Less Formal/More Expanded Version of This Resume Sample Interview Questions Samples of my writing and graphic design.
Priss and The Replicants (an example bandsite) Orgotek.Luna (a basic corporate-style fansite) Pizza Reconsidered (a sample homey-feeling business site)
Hinami Neon (an example webcomic site)
A CD Cover I designed.