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The sites presented below are sites I've designed. Each one has been designed for a different purpose, and suits that purpose well. I hope you'll enjoy them!

This site was set up for a local author. More of a quaint, kitschy design, than a more "mod" one, it fit the book well. Although I'm not sure whatever happened to the book, the site lives here, as a sample of my work. It was fun to create, especially some of the limits I had to deal with... Set up originally as an "idol site" (a site for an anime character), I ended up setting it up as a band site. Not as flashy as a lot of other sites, it is an efficient, fun little site. This is also the epitome of the six-page site; even has some music to download.
I needed a site for an organization, and I needed something for my sci-fi gaming group. So...I created OrgotekLuna, an office on the moon. It actually works out fine as a corporate site (after making obvious allowances), and even has a nifty little Flash animation (sorta fun to do, actually). All in all, a fun little site. My CafePress site. A little busy, but it does have a wide variety of interesting items. Excluding some of the stuff at the bottom, most of the images and design is mine, as well as most of the images throughout (basically, everything but the fox and the Rave On design). There were also some interesting programming issues.
A good webcomic design, prior to getting ads for it. (Ever notice how when you work on multiple projects they bleed into each other a bit?)