This is going to be a weird page, but stay with me here. It has some Word doc's, but you want some writing samples, right?
Fifteen Articles on the Playstation
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wood Fireplaces
High Yield Investment Programs
Dealing with Acne
Air Purifiers
Beauty Tips
Chikita Mini-Malls
Help Dealing With Debt
Electric Blankets
Everything About Dropshipping
Graphic Articles
Marketing Your Computer Business
How to Wear a Pocketwatch
Business Vacations
Basic Webdesign
Webcomics as Literature
A few pages of the Hinami Neon movie script. A few pages of the Hinami Neon comic script
A Review of "The Wood" An Article on Fun Classes for ARC's School Paper
The front of a press release for "Warlock Moon" The back of a press release for "Warlock Moon"
When Roger Neillo Was Elected The on-line version of the Strip Poker script (synopsis here).